VCFS: Virtual CVS Filesystem

What is VCFS?

VCFS is the Virtual CVS FileSystem. VCFS provides a user-space NFS server that allows local or remote CVS repositories to be mounted as a filesystem. It works with existing CVS servers, including those used by SourceForge.

Current Release

The current release is 0.1 and can be found at the VCFS releases section (the place to always find the latest release).

VCFS is continually being developed, so any feedback is hugely appreciated (through the bug tracker, the users mailing list, or emails to the current developers are all great ways). Thanks!

Where can I learn more?

Check out the VFCS project page at

Browse the source online at

Join the VCFS users mailing list at


First Test Release!!
    endgame00 - 2001-10-07 06:29   -   Virtual CVS Filesystem
The can now download VCFS 0.1. Please the the release notes for an explanation of what you're getting. If you encounter and problems, or have any suggestions or comments, please contact us.
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Development has started
    endgame00 - 2001-09-11 05:23   -   Virtual CVS Filesystem
Some initial source code has been uploaded to CVS. A 0.1 release should be coming within a few weeks, so stay tuned.
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